Aren’t we suppressing our disturbing feelings if we try to hold a pure view at all times?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Keeping the pure view starves out the disturbing feelings. We deliberately do not take them seriously or perceive them as real, because we know that the mirror behind the images is greater than any image could be—that the experiencer, our mind itself, is far more exciting than anything that is experienced. The experience itself is not distorted by this view; on the contrary, one sees things more as they are. One chooses only to see what is real and to draw energy away from what is not real.

So, if a disturbing feeling means a lower level of truth than a happy feeling, then you are simply smart if you direct your awareness and energy towards happiness and truth instead of giving attention to where nothing good can be expected anyway. I would say that this is not suppressing disturbing feelings, but simply being smart.