If there are disturbing energies in a room where we want to meditate, how can we remove them?

Lama Ole’s answer:

If strange energies come to you, there are two possibilities: either you have a negative connection to them from before and they want to harm you, or you owe them something and they’ve come to you for help. In both cases, compassion is the best solution. Before the meditation, you wish all the best for all beings. From your heart you radiate out rainbow light in all directions, wishing that it dissolves the suffering of all beings. Then you begin with the actual meditation, and there will be no problem.

Or you can take the help of the Buddhist protectors. The most important thing with the protectors is that we don’t use their mantras right away when there is a problem. Instead, we invoke the protectors in our daily practice to make ourselves strong. Then when the disturbing energies come, we can be gentle. It’s like with dogs: only the small ones need to bark. People with no protection and no power will start out aggressively, while those who are strong are also even tempered. The strong ones watch what happens but the disturbances don’t come—their energy field is not disturbed.

That said, there are also difficult places where it is simply unpleasant for everybody. The most difficult are slaughterhouses, where many animals have died.

What can I do about bad vibrations in my own home?

Lama Ole’s answer:

First, try to find out whether the source is external or internal. If the source is external—like a cemetery across the way, a slaughterhouse, or a corner with junkies or drunks—then place a mirror in such a way that it sends the bad vibrations back. Octagonal mirrors are usually used for this.

If the source is internal, then you can check whether something actually happened there that caused a lot of suffering. Did someone live there completely alone and devastated for thirty years? Was someone killed there? Did people beat each other up in there? You can try to find out what happened in the past.

On a general worldly level, it is smart to paint the walls or hang new wallpaper—with lighter colors if possible. You should also air out the room often, or you can burn something that drives away the negative energies. There is a resin from cherry trees that works well for this. I think the Catholics even use it in their incense. That is very good!

You can also hang Buddhist protectors of the five colors in the room. They make sure that nothing disturbing comes in again. Or you bring a girlfriend home with you and have lots of joy in that room; that helps, too.