I started prostrations a few months ago and so far I have done 300, but I’m having difficulties because I have osteoarthritis in both knees. Can you recommend a way for me to continue my prostrations or would it be possible for me to start with Diamond Mind?

Your refuge is in your mind, and all buddhas see you. You do your best, and you will get the full results. Please continue with the Diamond Mind meditation, that’s an excellent practice. What moves to the next life and is purified now is your mind, not your shoulders, back or knees. So everything is fine and enjoy your meditation. 

How can we make our body more disciplined, with a greater capacity to work?

Lama Ole’s answer:

The best method in Diamond Way Buddhism is the 111,111 prostrations. If you have forced yourself through this practice, then everything in life is easy. Once you work your way through this intensive treatment, then the body isn’t a difficult master anymore but rather a good servant. Then you can use it for what you want to do, and it won’t be all crooked and obstructed anymore. After the prostrations, your body will be completely different.

I would give everybody this advice: use the prostrations to push out all the drugs, all the laziness, all the compromises, all the things you have constrained yourself with—forcefully blow all this out of yourself with the help of the prostrations and then move on.