Can too much happiness make you egotistical?

Lama Ole’s answer:

That depends on whether one is able to share the joy. At first one is probably a bit egotistical, but gradually one starts to share. If one is completely full of joy, it’s impossible to keep it for oneself. I myself literally explode with joy all the time. That’s how it is after twenty-five years of meditation. And I don’t think that I keep this for myself. During my first experience of the clear light of mind, everything exploded and I had tears in my eyes from joy.

Then when I told my wife Hannah about this experience, she reckoned that I would just become even more egotistical. It is possible that we don’t communicate this first experience of joy so well, but as soon as we have it deep in the marrow of our bones, we can’t keep it to ourselves. It’s simply not possible. An enlightenment where one looks unhappy does not exist for me.