Does meditation also help clear up hostile connections with people from our past?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Yes—for example, in the long refuge meditation, you imagine any enemies you have next to yourself. They also join in and receive the blessing of the practice. And that really works. I remember when Hannah and I went to Nepal in 1969/70, I had had a lot of fistfights in the past. I hadn’t seriously hurt anybody, but there were a few people who really wanted to settle the score—and they were ready to get together to do that, too.

While we were away for a few years learning to meditate and doing the foundational practices, I just put them beside me during the meditation. And when Hannah and I came back, they were waiting at the airport and greeted us like old friends. At some point, the whole power-field had changed. Meditating on buddhas is very powerful.

It’s like this: a hook can’t catch a ball; it can only catch a ring. If there is no openness from the other person, then nothing happens. But if there is a ring, if the person you have difficulties with is open to you, then something can be caught and the connection will improve.