Does the mind need a body to become enlightened?

Lama Ole’s answer:

To become enlightened, it is better to have a body. In the pure lands, where one only imagines one has a body, reaching enlightenment is certain, but it happens much more slowly. To have a body means to experience desires, attachment, pride, and many other states. If the huge power contained in these feelings is transformed, it brings radiant enlightenment very quickly indeed. That is the advantage of having a body. If we properly use all the desires, attachments, expectations, etc., that we currently experience, then we are on the fastest path to enlightenment.

The body is also useful because we can hold the mind with it. Since the mind is bound to the body, one can, for example, use body posture during meditation to calm the mind down and focus it on one point. We can also work with sense impressions and our identification with them.