How can you check whether your mind is really clear or just on some trip?

Lama Ole’s answer:

You can say the syllable “pei” forcefully and then observe how your mind behaves. If everything you had in mind is scattered over several streets, then it was probably a trip. But if even greater clarity arises, if you are able to see what is happening even more precisely, if you are even more centered, you were probably right. This is the highest level of checking something.

Another thing you can do is examine how it would feel if suddenly everything were turned upside down—if suddenly all the pretty ladies didn’t like you anymore. What would your mind experience? How would it react? This way you can check how much of what you see is your own projection. You can see whether you really think of others’ happiness or are just running after your own pipedreams.

But actually, it is best not to let so many thoughts and concepts come up. Try to experience your thoughts as the free play of mind, as its richness and power. Don’t let them become chains that bind your arms or legs. Thoughts are good servants but difficult masters. They are all waves on the ocean, but it is the ocean itself that matters.

Maybe you can allow yourself a daydream once in a while to reduce stress, as long as you know what it is. But as soon as you start wishing for it to be real, then hope and fear are added in and it’s not nice anymore.