I don’t understand this “pure view” thing! It’s simply a fact that some things and some people are beautiful and others are not! Aren’t we just fooling ourselves there?

Lama Ole’s answer:

In this case, it is about being able to see something fantastic in everything—for example, in being both slim and portly. This is a level beyond the common experience, where everything is fantastic just because it can happen. On the ordinary level, every lady wishes to look a bit like an hourglass and every gentleman wants to have the shape of a “Y.” This is on the level of attachment. On the higher level, even if somebody looks the other way around, I can see that some wisdom processes have come together to make this happen.

The same is true for thoughts. Everybody wants to be smart and not confused. But as a matter of fact, even confused thoughts are true in their essence just because they arise. If one goes beyond attachment, everything is fantastic merely because it happens—because it shows the possibilities of space. But of course it is difficult to go beyond the everyday world. In Buddhism, we have a few people who have attained that. For example, outside of Lhasa there was a highly realized lady who worked as a butcher. And all the people passing by said, “Help! What a wild creature! Let’s get out of here!” She stood there with her eyes rolling wildly and took the head off of everything!

But a dharma teacher saw that she sent the minds of those animals on to pure levels of consciousness. He went to her and bowed down. She placed her bloody knife on his head, and he spontaneously developed twenty-one special abilities.

There are cases in which the common social standards don’t fit anymore. Social norms only take us so far, and after that comes a level of immense freedom. But whoever moves into that level must have a great sense of self-responsibility. As long as one is quacking along like all the others on the pond, following social expectations, one has the protection of the crowd. But as soon as we move farther out, we have to have a tremendous amount of compassion that everybody can feel. We have to work very hard and really love people. If in the process one is only concerned with oneself, then one gets into trouble and makes enemies.

Only once we are beyond the personal level will unconventional behavior be accepted and will we be respected. If we have this deep universal love and work for the benefit of all beings, there is no more glue to the conditioned world. Then we can really move freely. And the best is to have several feet to stand on—to develop freedom and new possibilities at courses and to deepen these experiences in daily meditation. This way you bring into the world the extra power that you gain from this beyond-personal view for the benefit of all.