If we always act selflessly, don’t we run the risk of being passed over of misused?

Some people think that acting selflessly means making yourself small and supporting everyone else at your own expense. Coming from a Christian point of view, we are used to thinking in “either-or” terms, making one person small and the other big, but that is too simple. If you think you can do the best job in a certain situation, then acting selflessly can mean putting yourself forward. It means that in every situation one aims for whatever will bring the highest level of benefit to all.

The most selfless thing one can do is to not take other people’s bad trips seriously. Don’t put energy into them; don’t play along. See the trips as “rabbits with antlers,” as the Tibetans say—as something that doesn’t exist. Instead, put the best trip forward. If you commit yourself to the highest level of truth, you’ll cultivate the best thing that can happen in any situation.