Is it meaningful to keep our body in shape—for example, by bodybuilding?

Lama Ole’s answer:

A little bit of bodybuilding will certainly do no harm. At the same time, if you identify enough with the desired form, then you will get that form. In my case it is like this: I hardly have time for sports. I hold a pencil in my hand if I am writing something, and from time to time I hold a steering wheel. And yet I am still in rather good shape. The reason is that I see my body as a tool to protect others. While walking around, I experience myself in the shape of a “Y”—that is, with broad shoulders and a trim waistline. And the motivation is to be able to protect others. I think that if you do that, then all the extra kilos disappear by themselves, because in your own image of your body there is no place for them. They don’t fit into the plan.

The effectiveness of bodybuilding also works to a great extent through the mind—for example, if you focus on developing half an inch more muscle than last week. If you see yourself as the Buddha of Limitless Life, then you will certainly live long and be strong and healthy.