Is it possible to receive real teachings in dreams?

Lama Ole’s answer:

The teacher you hear or see the most in your dreams is very, very important for you. He is probably your root teacher, with whom you have the strongest experience and connection. Here it is quite possible to connect with his power-field, exchange knowledge, and really learn something.

If you dream of the lama and, for example, are talking about flowers or drinking tea, it can be a kind of opening of the subconscious. And if you really feel a lot, then suddenly a new level of development—an “aha” experience—breaks through. This then is a true blessing, and you can get strength, energy, and knowledge from the teacher in this way.

But you must never act solely on the basis of the dream! You always have to check whether what you’ve dreamt makes you fat, is immoral, breaks the law, and so on. You have to check whether it is compatible with the regular world. So don’t jump out the window without a parachute, or something like that. Instead, check the information with sound common sense.