How can we help someone who is always depressed?

Lama Ole’s answer:

First, show him that his trip is not interesting. Show him that you put up with it because you’re friends, but that he doesn’t win anything with it and that it doesn’t make him more interesting. Then maybe you can mentally tickle him—if you can’t tickle him any other way. Simply be stubbornly friendly and only respond to positive things. I do that myself. I know that I sometimes get on your nerves with that. You come to me and think you have a big problem, but actually the point is to recognize the mirror behind all the reflections that appear in it.

While you only see the many images in the mirror and the black wash water flowing from it, I see that more and more of the mirror itself is beginning to shine. That is what interests me. The veils and hindrances pass by and change all the time. Who takes that seriously anyway? It’s not important.

The important thing is the buddha nature behind the veils. That is what’s true. That becomes stronger and is what you will see and experience more and more. I’m not teasing you or being superficial when I say, “You look good!” Actually, you look better the longer you are in the dharma—you really learn something and develop.