In what way is the world a mirror of my own mind?

Lama Ole’s answer:

This happens through the inner and secret teachers. At first, we focus on bringing the Buddha’s teachings into harmony with our daily experience. For everything that happens, we immediately have an explanation. On an outer level we think, “This is happening like that because earlier this or that took place,” or on an inner level, “I’m seeing the situation in this way because I am in this or that mood at the moment.” So we have wisdom permanently with us, which works like a mirror towards the inside and the outside. Over time, this wisdom grows and becomes more and more authentic.

In the end, everything comes together in one point. Every moment turns into an “Aha!” experience, into a “Yes, of course!” Something is created that we call “co-emergent wisdom,” insight that arises immediately with the experience. One knows the meaning of the experience spontaneously, without feeling separated from it. Once you experience this all the time, then you are really where you should be.