What are the male and female qualities on the outer, inner, and secret levels?

Lama Ole’s answer:

The higher the teachings, the more important the female aspects of enlightenment become. But that is not the most important point. Some people see the world as male or female, or think either patriarchy or matriarchy is better. But that doesn’t work, because thinking only in terms of one or the other is just too small.

Above all, it is a matter of linking both aspects. On the outer level, you still need distinct male and female qualities and strengths. On the inner and secret levels, we should try to connect male activity and female wisdom. The female lotus flower should embrace the male diamond. We should find the point where both energies fuse.

In this process, the outer differences between men and women are very important and inspiring. The female body is the essence of the five liberating wisdoms, and the male body is the essence of the four liberating activities. It is very important that deep trust develops between the sexes. There is nothing more neurotic than men who hate women and women who are afraid of men. The opposite sex should be the place where we find peace—a temple where we meet.

My best teachers have been women. It’s true that men were the source of transmission and teachings, but women caused the energy to sink from the head to the heart.