What should I do about my anger if it is already there?

Lama Ole’s answer:

If it is anger that gradually builds up and that you can feel physically, then dig in the garden. If it is a violent temper instead, then think, “Now I’ll become like a tree trunk;” or simply imagine Karmapa above of your head, then let him fall into your heart and radiate.

If you can get so much space in mind that you can recognize the things before they come, then you can work with them. Then you are not the target; you can see everything in a beyond-personal way. Then you also know that all beings want to have happiness and avoid suffering, but they don’t know what is really happening. People can’t help it. There is no one who doesn’t want to have happiness and avoid suffering. But people are so confused that they almost always grab the nettles instead of the flowers. They believe that they can create an advantage for themselves by harming someone. But that is impossible; sooner or later the difficulties always come back on oneself. Everything is cause and effect. And if you have a connection to some difficult people, then think, “I must have done something to them previously. Now I will drop the ball, because if I throw it back, then it might come back at me in my next life. Rather, I’ll push the ball away and not pick it up. Then I won’t owe those people anything anymore. Bye-bye, good luck.” It would be smart to think this way.

The most stupid thing one can do is to take personal trips seriously, to believe they are real and thus hold on to them.