When there are many things to do at the same time, how do I follow your advice of “doing what’s in front of one’s nose”?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Then do what is closest in front of your nose! If you are writing a letter, finish it; then if there is a cup of coffee in front of you, drink it, and so on. You keep your body busy with the things that have to be done while holding everything else in mind. Then the difficulties smooth out, and gradually everything will fall into your hands like ripe fruit.

First, try to look at things clearly without being disturbed by fixed ideas and strong feelings. This means not going up and down like in an elevator all the time but coming to rest and perceiving things directly, just as they are. There can be the problem of becoming too stiff or losing compassion, where one is too closed and wants to control everything. But if you approach things in a relaxed and open way, you’ll see what needs to be done.

It is important that you stay in your middle and have confidence in yourself. You stand there with inner strength. And then, from this level of strength, you will see what fantastic things can happen. If you can hold the middle, then the rest will come by itself. If you run away from your middle and look for something else, you will only get confusion and difficulties.

This is what good karma amounts to: one has so many good impressions in mind that one rests in whatever happens. One doesn’t have to prove or excuse anything, or move anything from here to there. If we can do this, then we’ll also see which difficulties we create for ourselves. If the barriers of the ego get in the way of this, then the Lama can give advice.