Why is it that sometimes we aren’t well received by people even when we want to do something useful for them?

Lama Ole’s answer:

I always think that the karma of the people was not good enough, and then I happily go on to the next job. If you always do your best, then the rest is the other people’s karma.

Everyone has their own karma. One can only help others if a ring and hook come together—if openness is present. If this is not possible, one has to passively give them some positive energy, and at some point, when they forget to think about themselves, it will sink in.

Naturally, it is also a question of how skillfully you present things. There are people who could sell long underwear in the Sahara and others who couldn’t even sell it in Greenland. If you don’t manage to get through to someone, then chalk it up to experience and try to learn something. Maybe later there will be a situation where you are able to handle it better.