How do the five wisdoms feel?

Lama Ole’s answer:

After the clear light of union, after the highest bliss of togetherness, when the world re-arises out of space, one experiences the feelings of the five wisdoms. The world is clear, or rich, or warm and meaningful, or very distinct and cutting-through, or very intuitive. This is what arises from the clear light, from bliss. The world has a taste, character, or feeling. You take this with you into the day and pass it on to others, and then it comes back to you again. In the same way, the woman who leaves the arms of her lover also takes something with her. She absorbs his power, his bliss, or his abilities.

This happens either through physical union or through being together and sharing work or a home. If one is open to this, one can really absorb something. We see and experience the world through the wisdom and activity that we give and receive. A poet writes differently every time he has a new girlfriend because she has given him something new.