Why do men and women so often feel that they are not understood by the opposite sex?

Lama Ole’s answer:

We simply experience some things differently. For example, a man has problems recognizing that a woman has a 24-hour rhythm: if she is not met with understanding during the day, there won’t be much going on in the evening—no warmth. With a man it is different. He can compartmentalize his day quite well. During the day, he can be discriminating and a bit curt, focused on survival, while at night he is nice and wants happiness and love. It is important for the man to know that the woman experiences this 24-hour thing, and for the woman to understand that the man is not a hypocrite even if he seems soberly organized during the day but is an enamored prince at night.

Let me give an example that shows how differently things are experienced. A couple goes out in the evening. The dinner is good, the film is lousy, but the sex is good. The next day, when the man asks how she liked the film, the woman will say it was good, because she sees it as part of a whole. Then he thinks, “Doesn’t she have any taste?” And when the woman asks him how the day was, he’ll say, “The film was lousy,” and she thinks he also means the dinner and the sex. So it is good to know that you are experiencing things differently. Be nice to each other and enjoy each other; this may be the best advice.

Life is too short for a battle of the sexes!