I often daydream for a long time. When I notice that I’m doing it, I try to focus on my work but it is hard for me to get really clear in my head. What does this mean?

Lama Ole’s answer:

For you it is certainly good to do a lot of practical work—to stay on the ground and not be pulled away. You found the right methods through your intuitive wisdom.

Forcing oneself to do something very precisely, here and now, is probably the best antidote against floating away, especially if one is very dreamy. Okay, if one has just fallen in love then dreaming is all right. But for general life, dreaming is not so meaningful. Instead it’s better to pull yourself together a bit and do what’s in front of your nose. One day you will break the old habit, and then any daydreams will be inspiration, fascination—everything will be interesting.

This is a case where one shouldn’t use any mantras, because with mantras one also lifts off. That’s why mantras are good against disturbing emotions.