Once when I helped someone who was injured, I experienced being completely focused and did exactly the right things without thinking. Is this some kind of higher awareness?

Lama Ole’s answer:

I would say that the state in which one is aware on multiple levels at the same time is the highest state of awareness. If you do exactly what is needed in a situation in a beyond-personal way—without thinking about time, about what you should feel or whether you should be afraid—then you will see that all your powers and abilities will come to the surface.

You’ll manage to do things you didn’t know you could do. Those who don’t work with their mind always want to hold on to something or push away something else. But in the moment of authentic action, one does what’s in front of one’s nose. And afterwards, when reflecting on the experience, one sees it was done with joy and power. But in the moment, the action itself was important.

Disturbing emotions are the only thing to be wary of during a spontaneous, effortless act; there must be no anger and no aversion. If there really is no disturbing feeling, then one will do what benefits others and what is right. There is no doubt about that.