If the bond between the teacher and student is sufficiently strong, is it possible to notice while dreaming when the teacher is in danger or when a very important situation unfolds?

Lama Ole’s answer:

One certainly can dream about that. This intuition of what is happening is much more developed than we usually think. Often our own issues cover up this feeling, so we don’t notice it.

An example is when Kalu Rinpoche died. During his last years, Hannah had a closer connection to him than I had. I drove him through Europe and we were great friends, but I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the people who stayed in his company. I thought they were too monastic and stiff. I didn’t want this kind of Buddhism with us. But Hannah had promised to work for him. So when he died, I had a vague feeling that something had happened with him. Hannah, however, who was closer to his power-field, thought of him in that moment, opened his book, and his picture fell to the ground. That was in Malaysia. It must have been exactly at the time when he died.

Before the 16th Karmapa died, all of us also felt, “It could be now.” And then, when we were told that he had actually died, it wasn’t so surprising because everybody was already tuned in to it.