If we have the feeling that disturbing energies or ghosts come to us, how much can we trust this feeling? Why do they come and what can we do to prevent this?

Lama Ole’s answer:

If you arrive somewhere and get a strange feeling, then you must first check yourself. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Is the bad trip yours? But if you are sure that you’re feeling well but that you always get the same strange feeling at a certain place, then there may be some disturbing energies there that you are open to or have a connection with.

The best antidote against this is actually compassion. If they come to disturb you and you have compassion, they experience that as an unpleasant smell. They can’t stand it and go away again. And if they come because they need help, then they get help this way.

It is also excellent to make good wishes: “May you have great happiness and may all suffering leave you”—or something like that. If you do that, you can really do a lot of good. They are really capable of knowing what you do and think, so you can actually do something for them if you have this openness to them. But you must also know that you can’t trust them. Beings do not get wiser when they are dead. You can’t depend on them. You can only trust beings who have overcome the concept of the ego and who think more of others than of themselves. With the other ones, you can get yourself into a real Mephisto thing, like in Faust. You can get into real difficulties there.

This is why in Buddhism we only work with the protectors who have a wisdom eye on their foreheads. That is the sign that they are Bodhisattvas, who only work for the benefit of others.

So, if you experience disturbing energies, wish them everything good, but don’t get involved with them and don’t make any promises.