What should we do if a difficult person shows up in our Buddhist center and causes a lot of disturbances?

Lama Ole’s answer:

If someone is really just disturbing others and doesn’t want to learn anything, then you should try to get rid of him. You can check if there is another group where he would fit in better and send him there. If that doesn’t work, you must make it clear to him that he shouldn’t come anymore.

People get lots of bad impressions in their minds when they behave aggressively and disturb the center. Whatever a person does in the center has a powerful effect on an inner and outer level. One has huge opportunities to build up a lot of good, but if one is ill-tempered and always going against things, this can build up a lot of negativity which causes further suffering. In that case, it is better to stay away.

If one wants to learn something, then one goes to the center and opens up, and through one’s confidence in Buddha, the difficulties fall away. But the wish to change must be there, otherwise it doesn’t work. There are so many capable people who are trained and paid to take care of the difficult cases.