If we perceive all beings as Buddhas and exclude nobody from our love, how can we still have an intense relationship with one person?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Even though immense joy and radiance emerges inside you when you wish everything good for all beings, there are still some people you will be connected to more closely. For instance, in former lives you may have made strong wishes together to accomplish something good. So even if you wish all the best for everybody, even if you do all you can and continuously feel joy and surplus for others, still there are some beings you can help and others you cannot reach. It is like a ring and a hook: if there’s no ring, the hook has nothing to catch on.

You will meet people you have a close connection with and continue to work together, as I did with my wife, with Caty, and with many of my students and friends. Although you continuously experience more and more joy, you’ll notice that there are some people you are more closely bonded to than others.

In other words, if you wish everyone everything good, it doesn’t mean that you don’t wish the very best for the being you are closest to. This is how I experience it myself.