Is it possible to remove bad karma through negative dreams, or is the dream only a mirror reflecting what happens in life?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Whenever body, speech, and mind are involved simultaneously, the energies built up and liberated are the strongest. If you have built up something subconsciously for a long time, then it might be confirmed to you in a dream.

Everything that you don’t have to live through to learn from is washed away by the power of the Buddhist refuge and your practice. The power of Mahakala steers everything. The blessing allows potential big dramas and suffering to be processed as smaller difficulties or as a headache. Since very intense things are also processed in this way, one can sometimes see characteristics of these processes in a dream. If one has gotten rid of something, then, for example, one can fly or one kills someone or is killed oneself. In this sense, we can experience different ego barriers falling away during the night, but the removal itself happens both day and night.