Is one still able to make practical decisions after reaching a level where one doesn’t judge so much or think in terms of good and evil?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Of course you will still see the suffering and difficulties of the world. The point is to not be trapped in them yourself. If your beard is no longer stuck in the mailbox—if you’re no longer bound by your own disturbing emotions and you see the possibilities of beings, then you can act out of surplus and strength.

It is about you yourself reaching a level where you are no longer vulnerable. This way you become able to work for others. If you are no longer trapped in your own difficulties, then you can see the difficulties of others and do what will help them in the long run. Unlike politicians, who only think two years ahead until the next election, think like a statesman who sees what Germany, Denmark, or Europe will look like in one hundred years. Be farsighted. Only deal with the really important things—long-term things. Whether or not people get five cents more in their paycheck right now is not so important. The important things are freedom, development, the status of women, and that people remain intelligent.