Since the body is an important tool, we should take our needs seriously and take good care of our body, right?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Yes, of course! But as a human, one is subject to old age, sickness, and death. And therefore, it pays off to take as much money out of the bank with low interest rates and put it into the one with higher rates. This means elevating all physical attachments and ideas of a solid, sensually conditioned world to the level of freshness, freedom, and great joy. It is a question of what values we trust in and commit ourselves to. And here it is worthwhile to be interested in values that can’t break and that are really reliable.

We are currently on the relative level, but we hear there is an absolute level of full enlightenment. A part of us can understand this, while other parts still cannot. But first we hear about this highest level and look into the mirror. Then we meditate, and through the power of the teachings and the blessing they contain, attachments and limitations will loosen very quickly. And in the end, everything we had been fighting for earlier we now experience as a gift. Moreover, we see things on a level where nothing can be lost or disappear. It is a “both-and” view. On the one hand, what we have now gets better, more relaxed, and easier, and on top we achieve the absolute level which we don’t know yet.