My partner doesn’t share my attitude concerning Buddhism, which creates more and more problems between us. Do you think the partnership still has a future?

Lama Ole’s answer:

You can find out this way. If he loves you and you tell him that Buddhism is beneficial for you, he will develop a positive attitude towards it too. But if you tell him that it’s good for you and he still rejects it, then he is either jealous of the dharma or he is an egoist who is afraid you’ll become so strong and independent that you don’t need him anymore. If this is the case, you can confidently exchange him for a newer and better model.

We can check a lot of things in life this way. If people are happy when you are happy, they are friends. But if they only want to have their own ideas reinforced, and they have problems when you change and no longer fit into their ideas and schemes, then you cannot trust them.