How should we act towards people who never see anything good in us and only criticize?

Lama Ole’s answer:

Maybe send them away and meet other people, if that’s possible. On the one hand, we shouldn’t be so slippery as to always think other people are to blame when they have a problem with us. We should listen closely.

But if people have the habit of nagging, then you can surely find other company. Life is too short for such trips. If people always want to be difficult and grumpy, then they can do it by themselves, too. We don’t have to be with them. Think of life like a play in the theater: take two roles in the comedies and avoid the tragedies.

It is funny to see the drama people produce—for example, in families. It’s a very small audience and nobody likes the piece, but they play it every day. There you can only shake your head…

We must insist that things stay interesting, that there is growth, that it’s fun. If things get silly, then you can get out of there. You can always go and meditate, read a book, visit people, and so on. You have many possibilities. Then you can return when the situation is reasonable again.