Is it true that we gain more power if we go beyond our limits again and again?

Lama Ole’s answer:

If you only do the number of chin-ups you can do easily, then you keep the muscles you already have. But to let your muscles grow, you have to do the couple of extra chin-ups at the end of the workout that hurt and are difficult.

Wherever we go beyond our limits, new space and freedom arises. Life can be compared to a rubber band: if it is never used, then one day it simply gets weak and breaks. But if one uses it again and again, then it stays pliable and useful. This means that it is good to give up one’s old habits and time and again go a little bit further than before. We should do this by trusting in space and in our own possibilities—never as an escapist reaction. This way we expand our potential—our life always stays fresh and new things can appear.